Hello, I am new to this group. I’ve had HSV-1 for about 3

Hello, I am new to this group. I’ve had HSV-1 for about 3 years or so. I am still very uneducated about the whole thing. I just found out that you can have HSV-1 in the genitals. Is that true? Can you only transmit it through a breakout? I am in a happy relationship but I am so so scared to give it to my partner because I don’t want to spread it. I got it from an ex that I trusted and I’m not even sure if he knows he has it. Should I tell him? I know it’s been years but I just recently gotten to a place I can talk about it.

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Aug 7, 2022

@mmadlecl. There is a lot of good information out there but it is not always presented in a user friendly format. You are right about the rates being higher as you get older. I know I had HSV2 for well over a decade without knowing. I do remember that the CDC breaks down rates by race and one group was something like 78 percent. I have found that the stigma and knowing is far worse than the actual symptoms when they are managed. I also found that thinking of it as having a bad case of intimate and shareable acne is healthier and more accurate for me. It does not change how others see it necessarily but how someone feels about herpes in general usually tells a lot about the person. Life is a journey and HSV changes that journey but is not the end, just a change in how we travel. I hope that you see the stigma is over hyped and does not match the reality of the condition. I believe there are a lot of people like me who have HSV but do not wear a sign so you never know unless you are one of the very few who might be exposed or a trusted friend. I do not generally share my diagnosis. The vast majority of people we see do not need to know, only those who may be exposed. With a functional understanding of HSV and a few basic precautions like sanitation and not sharing utensils etc if you have oral so you have only a few who might need to know. Good luck on your journey.

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Aug 8, 2022

@a_survivor Wait… chicken pox is a form of herpes??? I never knew that.

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Aug 8, 2022

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