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Hello everyone. This is my first time on this site an my fri


Hello everyone. This is my first time on this site an my friend suggested that a support group would be helpful so im trying this out. I pretty much gave this situation to myself. I set my ex husband up with a friend i knew that had herpes thinking he might be smart and run the other way. Didnt happen...they split later and even later than that in a crazy turn of events we got back together and here i am. Now he has left me 4 years later and im out on my own trying to deal with this as maturely as possible. Im not quite ready to date but im already nervous about how thats going to turn out. I went today to have a full std screening just to be sure and am now on medication for the herpes especially because as a woman we can have regular OB just because of our time of the month and so im trying to either prevent that or at least minimize its likelyhood. Any advice for dating or keeping positive would be appreciated because anyone who doesnt have this can only be so supportive. Also gaining as much knowledge about it as possible to be able to explain it to any future partners. Thanks and have a great day!

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May 16

Question, what did you to get medication? I just found out and asked my doctor about the medication but she seems to not want to offer it to me. I'm nervous about things so I didn't push but the medication would make me feel more at ease.

May 16

I went to an urgent care place and had them examine me and told her that ive been having more frequent OB when i start my period. She prescribed Valacyclovir in two different dosages. One for during an OB that is a larger dose and the other is the same meds but for regular treatment thats a smaller doseage but twice a day.


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