Hello everyone! It's been 8 months since my primary OB (it


Hello everyone!
It's been 8 months since my primary OB (it was a pretty bad one) and I think I've only had one other about a month afterwards. Does anyone else have trouble knowing if you are having one? I get so worried at every slightly red bit of skin that one might be happening that I run into precaution overdrive... constantly find myself checking when bathing or going to the bathroom and I'm finding it effecting my relationship. My new girlfriend was thought to be the one who gave me the virus (HSV-1) however when she was tested it came back negative so I don't know how long it was in my system. But because of the circumstance I find myself worrying that I may pass it on to her, any advice from you guys?

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May 19

Stress brings on outbreaks, calm down, I know you are nervous, but you can only be so sure that you don't have an outbreak, trust yourself and your body.

May 19

If you have genital HSV-1 you won't less likely have for the outbreaks and it will not be in the same spot as your first butt itching or tingling can be viral shedding and this is when you can also pass the virus to somebody else so you do need to beware of some symptoms but he have a partner maybe you need to go on antivirals but definitely used condoms to minimize the risk


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