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having my first outbreak, at first doctors didn't suspect he


having my first outbreak, at first doctors didn't suspect herpes and i ended up spreading it to my genitals, was originally just above. trying to laugh about it but all i can thnk about is this girl i just started dating, we haven't selpt together and my first outbreak literally started the day after our first date. I really like her but can't see it going anyhwere now. just wondering how you broke news to prospective partners?

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Aug 13

@onein8 I definitely can relate to the part about your not worried about the symptoms just worried about everyone's safety around you!! I totally feel you on that it's exactly how I'm feeling so scared that I'll give it to my kids if I haven't already I would feel so much guilt if I have

Aug 13

It is more common than I ever knew until diagnosed. Telling your them as soon as you can is important. Let them make their own decision. It is hard and takes time and to draw up the courage to talk about it,but after you do it, then you will know. It does not change who you are and what you do in life. You are still that great person with amazing accomplishments. If they are understanding and open minded or judgmental then you will know thier true colors first hand.

Aug 16

@onein8 its insane how the dr literally tells you nothing about it when your diagnosed. I did my research but people who don't do research could pass it on unknowingly.


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