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Having hsv is your buisness nobody besides your partner got

Having hsv is your buisness nobody besides your partner got to know. I caught it and this is my 5th year. I told my cousin for support next thing I know everyones making me feel worthless writing it on social media, my kids father even does. So theres no support from the ones I thought would be there and said they would be their but they bully me about it. I cry every night. I take the acyclovir but no one to freely talk to. I love weed now every night when I have it only to stop my head from keeping me up at night. I cant tell my sister but she tells me im depressed I feel like I can harm myself easier now that I got hsv down their plus I dont feel pretty so I gave birth while I had it hes healthy and free from this disease. Thats me now. When my names brought up they think hsv herpe girl... I smoke weed now... I wish that the gov could legalize weed for people who have any disease.....

CKBlossom's picture
Jul 12

I am sorry your friends and family one cannot be supportive and two are vindictive.

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Jul 12

you are the one setting your own boundaries. you know how pretty you truly are, and so do we! don't faulter and weaken by those of ignorance! be strong now more than ever. life is testing you to do the right thing!


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