Had no idea there was a dating site for people with herpes.

Had no idea there was a dating site for people with herpes. I was pretty devastated and automatically assumed I'd never have a sex life again. Amazing how much you learn once you do a little research! Has anyone in the group used positive singles? If yes, how was the experience? (Hope this question is ok since our names are not used) If no, I apologize.

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Jun 30

I had a look on that app and everyone is so far away! plus its trash. Personally I wouldn't pay simply because I am limiting myself to the amount of people I can meet. Yes, it's easier to meet another positive and have them accept you but who's to say you might not meet the love of your life at the grocery store or on tinder!? Secondly, I think it's disgusting how organisations can profit off someones misfortune! If someone doesn't want you because of one little skin condition and you are not perfect, then that's their loss! No one is perfect so they'll be looking for awhile. I know getting rejected can hurt but if they can't accept something that is a small virus that ISN'T you they don't deserve your love! stay strong.

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Jun 30

P/S were part of a class action lawsuit: https://eclaim.kccllc.net/caclaimforms/smd/home.aspx


PS is hard to navigate without being a member. Many don’t post their pictures which makes it even more difficult. You would think it would be easier finding a match using such a site, but it’s so much harder. Wasn’t worth the rollercoaster of emotions I experienced...being hopeful to being extremely disappointed. You’re more likely to find a match in the real world or on another dating site.


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