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Found out I’m positive for HSV2 a few months ago and have

Found out I’m positive for HSV2 a few months ago and have been depressed, crying and asking why me since.

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Dec 4, 2018

First off welcome, as you are not alone here. There are some who have had it for a long time and are finding this place, and there are some who are very recently being diagnosed and finding this group!! I myself have it, and have been a carrying it for over 10yrs now. It is not the most pleasant thing to wake up and know you have.....and that it never goes away.....but it also isn't a death sentence! We are all fortunate enough that we can still live "somewhat" normal (nothing in life is truly normal). You will have to learn yourself all over again....which can sometimes be refreshing...oddly enough. You will need to most definitely learn to take care of yourself first also to ensure you keep outbreaks at bay and to prevent passing it along. This group is full of people and resources you can use. I blog/vlog about it and if you want the info I will give it to you!! Hope this first step has been made easier for you

Dec 5, 2018

@whyme87 Hey, I've been in the exact same boat... You've come to the right place though, you'll see that you're so not alone. It's a big thing and you've gotta process it. Definitely have a read through the posts on here, there's so much advice. Hang in there and don't be scared to share you're thoughts, questions and fears x


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