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For anyone feeling down I found some great statistics online


For anyone feeling down I found some great statistics online that just made me feel a lot better! These are stats on passing it on.
Female to male- no condoms or medication- 4%. Condoms or medication- 2%. Condoms and medication 1%.
Male to female- no condoms or medication- 10%. Use of condoms or medication- 5%. Condoms and medication- 2.5%

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Jul 17

I don't think it is something that people need to talk about openly if most people have it and they don't care about it why do you need to talk about it. What needs to happen is more education about how easy it is to contracted and that genital herpes is the same as oral herpes and it starts with your medical centre themselves that would breakdown the stigma

Jul 18

Does anyone know of any statistics on how easy it is to transmit via oral sex with or without dental dams or condoms? I've been looking for that information but I've been unable to find any heart statistics concerning it.

Jul 18

Did you try cdc website. What type do you actually have because that's what's going to be important and also does your partner have any form of herpes


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