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Feeling good right now...been practicing a lot of self care,


Feeling good right now...been practicing a lot of self care, drinking turmeric tea, Emergen-C and taking lysine, getting enough sleep and eating better, and I've barely noticed this second OB. I also talked to my therapist for the second time today- it feels good to be able to process the emotions with someone who is detached from your life and doesn't have preconceived opinions. I also had a really great talk with my best friend this weekend- she sat me down and said that she had a bunch of questions about HSV that she wanted to ask me so she could better support me. It felt so empowering to be able to educate my friends and tell them that this does not define me! It felt good to help people close to me shed their misinformation and learn from someone who is living with HSV- me! Overall, a good start to the week.

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Dec 6, 2018

@BigScrum74 thank you! Good to hear no OB's for you...I've been having tea with turmeric this whole week, thought I was having an OB but I seem to have kicked it in the butt, thankfully

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Dec 6, 2018

@JOB0902 It really does help!!! It's like a relief/release when you can just up and talk about it, and not feel like curling up in a ball. Helping answer questions almost gives me a sense of pride!! I'm not proud that I have it, but proud I can help be an educator to so many who hear a joke on comedy central and run with it. I actually watched a Facebook video of someone who was recording a not so friendly woman who followed him out of the store, and he mentioned that she spit on him.....he then started saying...."well now l have herpes....HEERRRRPPPP".....i laughed a little ....but for the most part i was like.....c'mon dude!!!

Dec 9, 2018

Congrats! Glad you are having a good week!


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