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does the itching/tingling ever go away? i’m pretty much do


does the itching/tingling ever go away? i’m pretty much done with my first OB i think because all the lesions and other symptoms have healed after going my 10 days of valtrex, but the itchy and tingling is still there. what does this mean? i’m ready for it to go away lol. is this still just the end symptoms of the OB or what?!

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Jul 28

I am also dealing with the itching from healing at the moment. My doctor prescribed the antihistamine Xyzal. It's a 24 hr med, but the itching subsides for me only the first few hours after I take it at night. During the day is when the itching is worse. I'm sure the Vegas heat factors into that somehow...

Jul 29

my itching is finally almost gone! just a little here and there.

a_survivor's picture
Jul 29

as the body ages and builds up antibodies, it will get better...


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