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Do your lymph nodes swell up every time you get an outbreak?


Do your lymph nodes swell up every time you get an outbreak?

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Dec 2

@ Yoyoooo:
depends on how weak your immune system is... if you keep yourself as healthy as possible, they **may** swell a bit vs if you're weak and they swell. just like catching the flu! sometimes they swell vs other times it's hardly noticeable.


my lymph nodes swole up when i first got infected, but i didn't know i was infected. went to an ER, and at the time was dealing with an Anal Fissure, and they said "your lymph nodes must be swelling up becuase you're healing down there, maybe it's fighting off infection." they didn't know what it was becuase i never had an actual outbreak. and then i didn't get diagnosed till almost 2 months after that. so now looking back, i know that was my initial infection becuase thats a week after the first time i had unprotected sex in almost a year. it's been two and a half months total, but no OB yet. so idk if my lymph nodes will swell up, or if i even will get an OB. (I have HSV2 only)

Dec 6

For me and my two experiences so far, yes.


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