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Do y'all think it's best to take the daily pills or the occa

Do y'all think it's best to take the daily pills or the occasional ones when you're about to have an outbreak?

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Jan 14

Thank you love. I hope to one day earn enough money to start a worldwide support system. One where people can feel comfortable with their truth. So many people have it and its like shunned from the world. Even here. Behind a screen hiding who we are. But yes it will show you peoples true colors. Very easily. God has brought me through so much hell i cannot explain. I lpve my church and sisters in Christ. Another great support system
You never know what God is saving you from i mean who knows if i never would of gotten herpes and syarted being cautious about who i lay with i may have had a one night stand and got aids. You just never know
Continue loving life and yourself wach day. Its not easy but i can promise its worth it.

Jan 14

@iyanarenee That would be great. The stigma that society puts on it, is what gets us feeling like we're not wanted. We just need to change that. Then there is the fact that we don't pay attention to certain issues unless it happens to us. I wasn't educated about "H" until I got it, I only use to hear about how people shame others for having it. And I definitely feel like God was saving me from something, it's still scary to talk about it with someone new but it's part of my life now and I accepted that.

Jan 15

Good for you hun! Im so proud of you .


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