Do any other women experience outbreaks every time they get

Do any other women experience outbreaks every time they get their menstrual cycle? I started having outbreaks two years ago and the frequency hasn’t gone down any for me. I’m no longer with the partner that gave me HSV 2 and have recently been pushing myself to starting dating again. But I’m having a hard time putting myself out there when I’m still constantly having outbreaks. I’m able to identify when it’s going to happen and taking my valtrex helps. I just really need to figure out how I can get the frequency of the OB to happen less often. Just feels like I’m out options.

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Jun 9


Women report a tendency to be more susceptible to outbreaks around menstruation.  Tampons are reported by some women to aggravate Herpes, probably due to the friction or chafing with insertion and removal.  Wearing tight underwear or pads that rub or chafe can irritate the area and possibly precipitate an outbreak.  Some women also report irritation from standard feminine hygiene products, and find non-chlorinated, natural cotton brands to be less irritating.  Seventh Generation makes a great line of chlorine free personal products, including feminine hygiene, wipes, and soaps. A favorite personal soap that’s mild and non-irritating is California Baby Super Sensitive Shampoo & Body Wash.

Some people have discovered that regular bath & body soaps, laundry detergents, and other personal care products can irritate their mucous membranes and cause outbreaks.  If you suspect you may have irritation from soaps, etc, try eliminating personal products, soaps, and laundry care products with fragrances, chlorine, and other potential irritants.  Seventh Generation also makes a line of laundry products with either no fragrance or natural fragrances, that are gentler on the skin than traditional detergents.

Friction, rubbing, and vigorous sexual activity.  People who engage in sexual penetration or any vigorous sexual activity can lessen chances of aggravation of HSV sites by using adequate lubrication and refraining from overly-vigorous activity or rubbing of the areas.  Please note that lubricants and condoms containing nonoxynol-9 may actually irritate the skin and promote outbreaks.

Personal and lifestyle factors which may directly influence recurrence include stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, fatigue, and illness.  You will discover your own personal triggers and learn to avoid or mitigate them.

Most people find that Herpes outbreaks tend to reduce in both number and severity as time goes on. Much depends on how well you take care of yourself physically and emotionally.  More tips on how to improve your physical and emotional well-being to support a healthy and strong immune system 

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Jun 10

Hi there... sorry for everything you are going through. I feel your frustration but do not give up hope. As I have been recently diagnosed, I can tell you that knowledge is power. There are a lot of things you can do to achieve a good quality of life, despite the virus.

I have always valued a healthy lifestyle and have found supplements to be instrumental. L-Lysine and Monolaurin are two excellent ones for reducing the frequency, severity and duration of outbreaks. Although neither are considered a ‘cure,’ an emerging body of research is accumulating that suggests that Monolaurin essentially inactivates the virus, by disintegrating the protective membrane around it. I have read a considerable number of testimonials where users speak of vast improvements, on one or both. Would encourage you to read more about them.

You are not your virus. You are a human being who deserves only good things. Stay strong and stay proactive and things will get better!

Jun 10

Hey Girlfriend, I'm so sorry to hear you've been having such frequent outbreaks. I don't have the same experience, however, I have changed my lifestyle, diet, and products that I use during my period once I was diagnosed. I cut out diary completely in my diet which supports with less inflammation in the body in general. I'm working on cutting back on meat. I've also decided I hate tampons; the chemicals in them, the plastic, the waste I'm putting onto the earth, the way it would effect my lady parts. I have switched to Thinx period underwear, which are amazing but can get a little pricey, but totally worth it. Machine washable ( no the blood does not stain any other clothes in the wash, its genius). I also use a menstrual cup which some women feel uncomfy with because you have to get personal with yourself when you're learning how to insert it. However, I have gotten very comfortable with myself and had no problem switching. My lady parts feel cleaner, more regulated, and I don't feel guilty about what I'm subjecting my vagina too haha. I also take the L-lysine supplement which you can find in any vitamin section at the drug store. I take one pill a day and I swear it helps lessen my outbreaks and helps my acne on my face and back as well. Good luck and I hope things get easier for you! <3

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