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Do any of you have sex when you have a prodrome? I always


Do any of you have sex when you have a prodrome?
I always avoid sex at the slightest thing, but my partner and I are considering using condoms (we haven't been doing so before as I actually wasn't aware we needed to when symptoms weren't active...!). Will this protect him if he hasn't already (by some miracle) contracted hsv? Or should we just continue avoiding...?

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Feb 11

@Averna its nice to know as much as we can know about this virus. Its affects everyone different. I remember last month i have to run to get some medication the itching was so uncomfortable and unbearable

Feb 11

@Lisa1984 yes I agree!

linda2019's picture
Feb 11

I understood that ther uninfected partner needs to use condoms forever but the chances are still high too get infected. I know that my ex wasn't having any symptoms. I think I would've noticed when i was down there and a few days later I had my first ob. I say as long as your partner is aware of risk, he is a grown up that can make his own choices.


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