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Can you have an outbreak and not get sores? Was diagnosed a

Can you have an outbreak and not get sores? Was diagnosed about two months ago. My first outbreak only had only tiny sore. Since then I’ve had two instances where things seemed really uncomfortable down there but no sores it almost felt like more of a yeast infection and then went away on its own after like four days has anyone else experienced this or was it probably I’m just getting reoccurring yeast infections?

Apr 15

Hello yes... am the same i dont get sores/blisters..but i get burning sensation discomfort and pain... doctors keep misdiagnosing me and it keeps happining... they thought i just kept getting thrush but, you are like me get all the other symptoms expect the sores..

Apr 15

Its so weird. I pretty much feel like I don't know what's going on with my private parts lol. So do you just take your anti virals and it helps? Have you seen a dr to see if it is a yeast infection or truly HSV2 happening. This whole thing is so confusing to me, seems like a lot of people have so many different symptoms for an outbreak.

Apr 15

@Trishajustturned40 I'm just learning but had every type of test before finally getting the diagnoses that it wasn't a yeast or uti and no one detected anything so I asked for a std blood test cause I have a new guy in my life and it came back positive but I'm upset to say that I didn't get the results and was with the new guy thinking I got all the results and now have to let him know, am freaking out about it but meanwhile think a blood test is the only real way to know for sure but I could also be wrong.


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