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Can anyone tell me their experiences with having a recurrent

Can anyone tell me their experiences with having a recurrent outbreak after the very first outbreak? My first outbreak was awful and lasted two weeks and then I went on the suppressive medication. I got off on it hoping that my body's immune system would get stronger and teach it to work without the medication. I was okay until recently I started my new job and my stress levels caused an outbreak. I read that outbreaks sometimes only last a couple days and are "less" painful.. but how much is less? I decided to start taking the medication out of fear of feeling the excruciating pain for when they burst. I'm not sure what stage I am in and how long it'll last. If you could share your experiences of your recurrent outbreaks it would be very helpful.

Jan 11

My OB used to last a week once every 2 months and yes it was itchy and painful if I sat a certain way, so I started daily meds and now I get them once a year and it’s like a tiny tear and goes away 3-4 days maybe less. It gets easier with time


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