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Bathing regimen? Hello Everyone. I’m new to the group.af

Bathing regimen?
Hello Everyone. I’m new to the group.after being diagnosed last yr, I noticed I have using 3 different towels. Afraid to touch myself with my hands thinking I may spread the virus throughout my body. I noticed I have bought a lot of towels last yr. am i over reacting?
On another note, has anyone been paying attention companies who are in phase 2 for a cure? Such as Admedus, Vical, Rational, another in UK.

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Jan 11

@Ms.Doe thk I will continue to educate myself.

Jan 11

@Zbuda2021 thk U.

Jan 12

@imnotalone17 it is what helped me.. I was treating it like it was airborne, even though Ik it wasn't.. But I was terrified to do to my love ones what was done to me so I wasn't thinking straight. Studying up really helped me relax.


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