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Approximately, how long do you wash your hands after using t

Approximately, how long do you wash your hands after using the restroom? Is it necessary to wash hands more than twenty seconds if you have HSV genitally?

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Dec 2

@PrincessChae hello! Are you me?
I have struggled with severed OCD and anxiety since 2011..
Since then I became a huge CLEAN/GERM freak!!!
However since I found out I had herpes in 2015 my OCD has gotton worse (I didnt even know that was possible considering I struggled with it greatly)
I started washing my hand OBSESSIVELY!! Not only do I wash for 15 seconds I also wash my hands 3 to 4 times after pottying and drying off after showering.. my hands are so dry and I believe they are permentally this way because no matter how much location I use it does not help anymore.. I wish I could stop washing my hands so much and stop living life as if the whole world is contaminated

a_survivor's picture
Dec 2

as long as you follow good "Logical Sanitary Standards", you should be fine. the virus weakens quickly when not living in "ideal" conditions, and dies. wash your hands well afterwards and that's that! PERIOD!

no different than anyone in the medical field who washes his/her hands after seeing a patient with the flu/cold.

Dec 5

I wash my hands long time, at least 15 seconds, usually try for more. There is less and less water coming out of our local faucets so it takes longer to wash off germs/viruses. I also wash hands after shower ( Anytime I think I touched infected area) and don't use the same towel as showered/dried. (I use separate wash cloth for infected area and I try to dry infected area last after shower. And don't reuse towel for next shower.) Several handwashes may be a bit much. To help dry hands I sometimes use tiny amount vaseline before bed. Absorbs overnight. Some doctors said try crisco or olive oil but have not yet.


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