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Another question. If i am not in an “outbreak” but i occ

Another question. If i am not in an “outbreak” but i occasionally have the tingly feeling on my skin/hair folicules - can this mean i can spread it at those times!? I’m constantly scrubbing my hands in the shower when i wash down there. And scared to use the same wash cloth twice or accidentally touching my towel i dry off with on my face or something. Agh. And i had been getting laser hair removal before i found out... i am wondering if that is why my hair folicules hurt or get sensitive? Idk!! Not knowing is what sucks! Since it affects everyone so differently

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Yes, it can still spread even if you don't have sores. For me, i get these pains in my low back that goes down my butt to my thigh, thats usually an indicator that an OB is on it's way and I start talking my medicine. During this time you can spread herpes even if you don't have an actual OB. I know this whole situation F&*DKL SUCKS.

Jan 10

Whoa! That is different! I have read that people get muscle aches & i was surprised. It’s really nothing that we are taught that it is. I already have so much pain from endometreosis that i wouldnt be able to decipher if my aches are from endo or hsv. But i do know the tingly feeling of my hair folicles is new & i’ve never had that before. I called my dr & told them everything & they said the same. If i feel the tingly just take the meds twice a day for 3 days. Idk. Its a love/hate that people say “oh its just a minor skin irritation.” NO it’s a life long stress of fearing that i’ll spread a f ing skin virus to your face or other parts of your body or god forbid other people. I’m just so dang angry & i’m not supposed to be. I’m supposed to act like everythings ok & keep living. Ugh. I am so thankful i found this forum so we can all vent & share with each other. It has definitely helped me in my weakest moments.

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Jan 11

bottom line, know your body and what it's trying to tell you... over time you will become more aware... i have... it's been 33 yrs and i know my body well enough to note any changes.


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