4 seconds ago So last night I was at an ex house I know stu

4 seconds ago
So last night I was at an ex house I know stupid but I was there and he wanted sex so I'm telling him no no but he still tries and eventually touches my private areas no I'm not having a outbreak but I still tell him to wash his hands he asking me why and I was stuck but he washed them what do I do now

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Sep 14

@lisajd I have to get here I have turned down past partners advances when they have texted but I do leave a line of open conversation for them to assume I'm still a willing participant which I need to cut off

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Sep 14

@lisajd True, I was thinking more that sex was still on the table not that he was going to get it from touching her. Also, yes, he could have it already.

Sep 14

@Essence3476 it is easy to get caught up in that and I myself have done it in the past but I also do reflect on the situation and know that it's not right if I'm not going to follow through on it. And really these guys who want to get off over text they discussed me they have no intention of find through half of them


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