Recently my boyfriend ( 3 years) has been rather withdrawn a

Recently my boyfriend ( 3 years) has been rather withdrawn and he mentioned how everything is going wrong including the relationship. Well for a long time now we have both been discussing how we aren't entirely happy, but we were willing to try. I should also mention that we found out I have ghsv2 and that took a toll on the relationship, but he accepted me (or so I thought maybe). I feel like I am only staying because I am too scared to try to find someone to who accepts me, but now I fear I am having the choice of staying ripped away from me and that we are going to break up. I just do not know how to process this, maybe I am overthinking what he said but either way the point still remains that I am not entirely happy just too much of a baby to leave and find someone who doesn't mind that I have the virus.

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Jan 12

@veryupset Thank you so much for that post! I feel as though our situations are somewhat similar. As of right now he does have something stressful going on, a very close friend to him recently passed away. Because this he is depressed and saying its amplifying all the feelings he had before so this is why i believe out time might be up. I found out about 4 months ago about the hsv and I immediately told him, he has oral hsv1 but thats all. You bring up many great points and questions I still need to consider to help me determine what is going to be best for me.

Jan 12

@StaynPositive Not sure if it's applicable to you

Jan 12

You eill find someone that accepts you for you. Lifes to short to be unhappy. Ive met countless men and had relationships. Im about to get married and have 2 kids coming up on 10 years of being hsv-2. Have hope. Love yourself more!


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