So i just broke up with my boyfriend who gave me herpes bc h

So i just broke up with my boyfriend who gave me herpes bc he treats me like complete **** and I have other guys that want me but only bc they don't know I have it and I'm honestly terrified to even being to tell anyone else that might like me... I feel like anyone I have sex with I'm gonna give it to them and they won't accept me in fear that they might get it or think I'm gross

Mar 20, 2017

Please do not feel this way did you know that a survey showed that 80% of people are actually accepting of someone who has this virus. And what's to say that the person you meet doesn't have it as well you need to go in there with a positive attitude and not expect that people will reject you. You can take precautions to protect them and if you do that it is a 1% risk I suggest you do some research so you know what you are dealing with here then you can disclose confidently to somebody and have all the answers for them if they have questions. What time are you diagnosed with and how were you tested because that also matters


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