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I found out October 9th that my son was a heroin addict as h

I found out October 9th that my son was a heroin addict as he was getting arrested in my driveway. He has been using for over a year now. I feel so blindsighted. He went to a 40 day rehab out in Arizona, came back and relapsed after 4 days. He seemed very remorseful, said he would never do it again then got caught on the job site shooting up. After that I made him go to a local detox rehab center. He checked himself out after two days and said 'I got this'. The very next day he spend 8 hours at a recovery place and went to an NA meeting that night and still used! If it weren't so frigid cold and winter outside I would kick him out. I don't want him going to family or relatives houses nor his girlfriend's house. I'm afraid if I kick him out he's going to wind up dead somewhere. I get no help from his dad because he likes to point the blame at me. I need some guidance, somebody please rip my heart out so I can't feel anymore.

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Feb 10

Hi! how is everything?

Feb 12

Well...things have to get worse before they get better right! Last Monday I had him arrested because he was a danger to himself and others. He had totaled his car the week before. Stealing money from me and his girlfriend and the final straw was him taking off in my car without my permission and he is excluded on my policy because he's such a bad driver and that's the only way I could get insurance is excluding him. I didn't charge him with theft because I knew when they tracked him down they would find drugs on him, and they did. Good news is he's been clean for a week!...still in jail!

Feb 13

Yes I believe things get worse before they get better! I honestly think you did that right thing. He needs to learn his lesson somehow. That is good news that he is clean and alive and you know where he is. My mom always said that is better than staying up all night and wondering where my brother is or is she is going to get a horrible call. I think the best advice for you would be is not to bail him out or his girlfriend. We enable them so much. I am guilty for this with my brother. I did bail him out before and send him money and put money on the phone. My brother would said what’s $400 well hmm let’s see a lot considering that you don’t have a $1 on you haha.


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