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I’m new to the site and this group. I’ve joined because

I’m new to the site and this group. I’ve joined because I really need to find someone that can understand what I’m going through. My soon to be husband suffers from delayed ejaculation syndrome. We have been together almost 2 years now and it has caused not just trouble in our relationship but also caused me to lose all confidence in myself and my sexual abilities and my attraction in general. Everyone I know thinks it’s not real and that I should be happy that he can have sex for hours. But what they don’t get is that when it’s been hours and he can’t orgasm and he gets angry and turns over to sleep and ignores like I did something wrong then I feel horrible. He keeps telling me not to focus on finishing but then he gets hateful after a few days of him not finishing. Does anyone know how I feel?

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Mar 15

Would a ring, vibrator or other toys help? Let's be honest, vaginas can't take hours, but I can understand how both of you are frustrated. Try toys, look online, see what helps you both find sex more fulfilling and enjoyable.

Mar 15

We have toys, lots of them honestly. He goes and buys a new one every time we have an argument about it as a way to “try and help the situation” (his words, not mine) I just don’t know what to do. Some times it’s super quick and it is only like 5 minutes but other times he can’t finish at all. I feel like he’s not as attracted to me or something.


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