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Can someone explain to me what healthy sex is and how you ha

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Can someone explain to me what healthy sex is and how you have it when you never get any? Ive done everything for him (viewer descretion advised) ive done anal ive swallowed bjs lingere you name it ive probably done it for him. But hes watching porn and i never get it i dont deserve this when ive given him everything. Should i jhst give up on him? Thats what i really want to do but we have a baby in the mix and truth be told thats the only reason ive stayed this long.

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Jan 17

@organized.chaos sadly, youre very right. I didnt just easily do those things though it took a long time. And we do have an inseparable bond sex isnt everything for me but i feel that sex is part of a relationship. And sex is special to me and is more than just bodies and pleasure, its so much more than that for me thank you for your input it is very appreciated

Jan 18

He sounds like his focus is just lust, not love.

Jan 19

Ok first never stay for the child cause you may eventually start to resent the child, plus if tge child is young enough it’s much easier on them and you when they are young, two if your husband is not interested in you physically hon human contact is important not just cause of the sex but the bond that is shared if it’s not there I’m sorry it’s not a marriage. You have done more than most women would ever do I was married for nine years and I just wanted my wife to move just once during sex. Obviously I lost interest in her but it was for several other reasons that are just not worth mentioning but just so you don’t think I’m an ahole I will say it was hygiene related ewww I know tmi. But again you need physical part in the marriage otherwise your just going through the motions and will never be happy.


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