I'm struggling to find the line between healthy sex, and unh

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I'm struggling to find the line between healthy sex, and unhealthy, addiction fueled sex. I am a sexual person, and normal sex can be healthy. I enjoy sex.
But, at the same time, I find that I can be pulled into situations that are unhealthy due to cravings and libido.
Sex several times a day with different people, threesomes, groups, people that you've just met and don't know is obviously unhealthy, and can be dangerous. Late night, anonymous, in the dark... bad things can happen.
But finding someone to get together with on a regular basis can be a good thing.
I'm just struggling to find the line between the two, and the grey area of getting from one to the other.

Oct 12

Not only can it be dangerous due to STDs, but doesn't it make you feel empty? Sex is like a drug addiction, it gets you high but then you come down and want more. You need to replace it with a healthy habit. Try being in a committed relationship and with hold sex till you feel a real connection. Then it will replace that need for empty sex. It will mean so much more in the long run. I to am a physical, sexual person and having sex is not even nearly as good as making love to someone.

22 hours ago

Wow that’s is totally me as well , and good advice but it so hard for me to meet someone and really like them and not get physical


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