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I'm struggling to find the line between healthy sex, and unh

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I'm struggling to find the line between healthy sex, and unhealthy, addiction fueled sex. I am a sexual person, and normal sex can be healthy. I enjoy sex.
But, at the same time, I find that I can be pulled into situations that are unhealthy due to cravings and libido.
Sex several times a day with different people, threesomes, groups, people that you've just met and don't know is obviously unhealthy, and can be dangerous. Late night, anonymous, in the dark... bad things can happen.
But finding someone to get together with on a regular basis can be a good thing.
I'm just struggling to find the line between the two, and the grey area of getting from one to the other.

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Oct 19

Yes because that is what we are taught by society, the movies, etc...is to be physical and that is how we show love. But as you know it goes so much deeper than that. I can't how many times women would want to have sex sooner rather than later. Then they thought that was enough, and continued with having sex, but it did not make me feel closer to them because it wasn't about intimacy. They were programmed by society to give their bodies, but what about their minds? To me, true intimacy is when you can connect with your mates mind. That is where the real love-making starts, at least for me. If i want to get physical, I give lots of kisses and hugs. Holding hands, slow dancing closely. Point is if you build up to it, it will make it that much more special when you do make love. Have you ever noticed that if you are with someone physically anytime you want, over and over, it becomes not as special anymore? It is like taking a vacation on getting a new car, if you do these things frequently, it loses it charm and is not that special anymore. Then it seems people get bored and go looking for new excitement, right? Hello cheating ways!

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Oct 19

@Zepol46 ...fyi, i would not cheat nor am i advocating that, but of course other people do. That is what I meant above.

Dec 29

@Zepol46 sex is all about appealing to my mind and people do not understand that


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