I'm so stressed out right now and disappointed and sad.

I'm so stressed out right now and disappointed and sad.

My BF mate had came around today which we all sat down and ate our lunch at the table.
He didn't want the food that my BF had served as he doesn't like beans but he already had started to eat it.
My BF then said to him if you dot like it then don't eat it, I'll eat it later.

Literally I had just noticed the container in the fridge with his mates left over food!!

I thought my BF would know better and would actually put the food in the bin!!

I said to my BF about my concern and he was like not worried about it at all!!

I just don't want to get an STD, we have no idea what disease his friend could be carrying!!

But my BF doesn't want to waste the food!

What do I do?!

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Jul 29

HIV is bloodborne. You catch it from infected needles or through semen, there's not a single documented case of catching it from leftover food. Herpes poses a risk of transmission if you share a drink with someone, that tends to happen quite quickly after the infected person has used it, so some of the virus is proliferating in saliva. I severely doubt herpes can be caught and has ever been caught in leftover food. I have never caught oral herpes (and now can't) and I shared food and drink all the time. There's no need to live in fear over something so improbable. The fact we are human makes us susceptible to catching an infinite amount of infections, this one isn't something worth worrying about

Jul 30

Thanks everyone!!

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Aug 11

You can't get an STD from eating food that someone else has. The amount of body fluid (blood, saliva, semen, or vaginal fluid that would have to be present would make the food inedible, the fluids would have to be fresh, and it would have to come in direct contact with an open wound in your mouth.


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