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I just joined this site and hoping I can get some good feed

I just joined this site and hoping I can get some good feed back on hair thinning help. I have had baby fine thin hair all my life but never this bad. It is wear I can not leave it down because it looks like strings. I do not want to cut it because love longer hair and do not mind putting it up in bun. My hair is very old because it doesn't grow. Anyone out there with same problem their hair doesn't grow and has hypothyroid, Lupus, had hysterectomy age 21 so guessing what is causing all of this.

May 16, 2019

Hello, my hair was falling out when I was on synthroid. I stopped synthroid and my hair grew back. But my last blood work indicated my thyroid levels were fine. So I don't know what to think. I was on lots of steroids recently due to pneumonia so maybe the normal blood work is a fluke.

Jun 21

Yes I have hashimotos and I've always had fine hair, but alot of it. It's was long and glossy. 12 years ago it started thinning. Then it stopped and it looked better but still thin but I wasn't happy. During the last year I lost alot! I can't grow it long. Part is a bit wider. When I see my shadow on the side walk it has lots of light poking through the scraggly hair. Not having the volume make my nose look bigger, my forehead longer. Contestant battle to not feel disgusting. Can't write much more now but wanted to share in case it helps to know you're not alone


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