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Hello All, I have hit rock bottom with my hair loss after 5

Hello All, I have hit rock bottom with my hair loss after 5 years of going to specialist non-stop. My hair was the uniqueness in me as I am known as "Shakira" the singer because I had so much, thick ,long, beautiful Goldie locks up to my waist. No dermatologist would believe my hairloss as I would see it advancing, taking pictures every month due to so much hair they considered it a temp loss and left as Telogen Effluvium. After seeing 5 different specialist in different states 3 biopsies later 2 months ago my hair started shedding as if I was going through Quimo and perthis last doc it should miniaturization in other works, "Women Baldness" so I have what is called dissing of the entire scape and apparently hereditary. Non in my father nor mother have this condition all my blood work comes back normal and I just can not understand how I've been diagnose with based on my understanding its only hereditary. In these 6 weeks I went from thin hair to bald spots all over no regrowth. This has let me broken, inconsolable , Almost had a nervous break down and seek help to get medication. This depression has been killing me slowing to I am in the verge of losing my job, my finances, I do not want to even take a shower how devastated tis is for me. I CAN NOT HANDLE IT!!! I do not know what to do ,friends do not understand and they think its just get over it and were a wig. BUT I CAN'T ACCEPT IT!!! Please help!!!!

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Dec 4

does anyone have any suggestions?


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