Hi! I’m new to this group support! Let me tell you about w

Hi! I’m new to this group support! Let me tell you about what’s going on with my hormones. I a few years ago had a partial thyroid removal. Been on meds and it’s been ok. But now about 6 weeks ago my hair started falling out with the hair bulb attached. I went for blood work and all is good with that but my doctor can’t figure out why the excessive hair loss. So I’ve resorted to seeing a homeopathic. I went for a scan on Tuesday which indicated i had thyroid problems along with menopause symptoms. Also was informed that my stress level is elevated too. I am on homeopathy remedies that I’m hoping will start to clear things up or balance my hormones again. Has anyone experienced excessive hair loss and how did you manage? I am turning 44 soon and just worried that the hair loss won’t stop. I know stressing about it won’t help but that’s why I’m here for support :)

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Jan 11

@Tammy49228 hey there! Sorry It took so long to respond...work has been crazy this week!
Wow, you too are one busy woman! Just runnign that restatant must be very stressful without the rest of you responsibilities piled on top. Yeah, I had to take a break from solving everyone else's problems and focus on my own during the height of this nasty hormonal ride. Im glad i did so i could focus on what i needed to do for me! Tyr and let your family knownthat you are going thru some hormone issue that are making you feel stressed and anything they can do to help ease the stress on you will benefit THEM, lol
Have you heard back about the biotin? I wouldn't think it should be a problem but it's always nice to check it out with the person who is counseling you thru this. I sure hope you get good results from your homeopaths plan of attack!
Are you getting any exercise? I k nwo how helpful a 30 minute walk is for me! It actually helps me with more energy, less stress and more even moods.
I sure while you can get control of you hair loss... I k nwo since I began using super biotin, my hair grows really fast and I dont have NEAR the hair in my brush that i was having.
Do you get any time for yourself? It is sooo important to find a few minutes just for YOU,

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Jan 12

Thank you Mechele for you info! I talked to my homeopath and he said they don’t sell biotin but said it would be great to take. Told me to find a better quality kinda like you get what you pay for kinda thing. If you have one that’s $10 in you have one that’s $20 he said by the one that’s $20 it would be a better quality. So where do you get your super biotin at?

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Jan 12

@Tammy49228 that’s awesome that your homeopath said you can use he Biotin! I actually use a brand found at Walgreens. Nature’s Bounty 10000mcg a day. I wait till they are BOGO and pick up a couple of bottles at a time. The bottle is green with a green and white label.
I hope it helps you!!


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