my mother is in the later stages of alzheimer's and for the


my mother is in the later stages of alzheimer's and for the second time in my life i dealing with the impending death of a parent. my spouse, my co-workers, and 98% of my friends have their entire families intact. no one can relate. the death of my father from cancer when i was 20 was the death of the one person in the world who KNEW me, who loved me unconditionally. even in my 26 year marriage, i have never felt that same security, the same acceptance. i just want to be able to express myself, i not carry everybody's anchor while i just float aimlessly.

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Jul 17

Have you looked at our website? ? We have support groups you can attend and we also have a Joe Niekro Foundation support group on Facebook. I am sorry for your loss.

Jul 20

@2tired2move I am so sorry to hear about your husband and especially your situation. You are a wonderful person and I'm sure it is difficult to see what is happening to your husband. He sounds like a very proud man and it must be difficult for him to know he needs help when he was probably the one that always helped everyone else. Stay strong and like the others have said, use this place to vent anytime it's necessary.
I'm here because my dear husband passed away about 3 weeks ago and I'm trying to work through this awful feeling of sadness and loneliness. We met at 19 (we were only 4 days apart in age) and got married at 20 and were together for 45 years. We spend more years of our lives together than apart. I won't lie, there were times when he made me very angry, but I would give anything to have those times again to have him back. I don't have any siblings and my parents are both gone. What I do have is two wonderful sons and a very sweet daughter-in-law and of course 5 beautiful grandchildren. They are what keep me going. Hugs from me to you, it is what you need right now.

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Jul 21

We care so much, I'm so sorry your dealing with this issue. I've lost loved ones this way. Sadly I too am having some short term memes issues..I had a couple small brain bleeds a few years ago right after joining this site.. the damage isn't visible to anyone unless they talk with me. It's short term memory and eye sight. I truly do care..
keeping positive thoughts and prayers for you,


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