I'd love to have someone in my life whose going going to be

I'd love to have someone in my life whose going going to be consistently there. Im struggling way too much and this isn't the way too live. I need to feel more productive and currently am feeling more sad due to the semester ending. A simple job won't cut it anymore and something more consistent will make me productive. I hope things work out and this continual arguing ceases.

Apr 20, 2017

Are you sad because she cheated, or she is just not there the way you would like? Keeping busy is a great distracter especially if you have people around you that know nothing, but you enjoy them. It's a great way to be the person you are not just betrayed.

Apr 20, 2017

Things aren't the way I like. I feel like they make it harder than it should be knowing I'II be jobless in any aspect. It exhausts me. If I make a decent living with hours temporarily, my odds of being able to set food on the table increases and I will be a productive happy adult. Otherwise I'm going to find someone who has some drugs and start doing them.


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