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I lost my mother last June. It hurt, but I was mostly okay.


I lost my mother last June. It hurt, but I was mostly okay. I went to work every day and went out and had fun. But recently, things have suddenly began to become difficult. I am having a meltdown every day where I just cry and cry and cry and realize that this is not the life I should be having right now. I'm not even 20 yet. This is not the life I had expected for myself at this age. I am working 40 hours a week, paying bills, and living on my own. And its not easy, and I feel like I have no one to talk to or go to. I was supposed to go to college this past fall, and my mother was supposed to send me off. She was supposed to see me graduate from college and get married and see her grandchildren, but cancer got the best of her. All I ever get from friends and family is, "Make sure you're planning to go to school." "Make sure you do this" and "Make sure you do that". I'm tired of people telling me what to do. I'm barely getting myself out of bed and out of the house these days. All I want is someone to ask me if i'm okay and listen to me. But I feel alone. I put on a smile every day when I go to work, but there's so much more going on behind the smile. I just feel alone.

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Feb 3

I would most definitely like to help each other. I can’t stop reliving the final moments lately

Theloved's picture
Feb 11

I'm so are in the right place... we care!

Feb 13

@Theloved Thank you so much :)


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