I feel like neither of my parents have or will continue to c


I feel like neither of my parents have or will continue to care and I'II continue to be in the same boat. At this point in my life, I am no where near getting done. Im sick and tired of being forced to go into a major that is going to require 4 more years. My parents even gave me grief about that. Things make no sense. I hate them both. I don't know what to do. I can look for a job, but that's not going to get me anywhere. I can take my old ****** job back, but that will take me to where I was. Dehydrated unhappy and unable to exercise. My real adult life isn't where I want to be or it's not that close. I'm honestly not expecting anything. The worse it gets the more I want to trade my rent money in for a gun or lots of drugs.

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Apr 24

It's harder at thirty, I tried finding such a counseling group at my school, but my issue was that sometimes age difference is hard. I only have a few sessions because I was in and out of counseling. It would be a matter of connection and well relative things to myself. Im doomed for any ability to make myself happy or provide. Life is hopeless. Love is dead. I'd murder my entire family if need be. I'm so sick of this stupid crap.

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9 hours ago

@NShah9 Because of your parents, you have to go to school for 8 years instead of 4. How much longer do you have?

2 hours ago

I have no idea. I wasn't ready at 20 and had to take a little at a time with a job. I have to finish my pre recs than get accepted. It's simple so stupid to argue with me about it and tell me that it will take so long. They just make me so unhappy. I wish I was in the program. I'm already tired and stressed.


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