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hello all I just wanted to say I am going through the loss o

hello all I just wanted to say I am going through the loss of my oldest grand daughter she was just 22 years old she had cf and she went to the hospital on jan, 10th to a simple thing and she passed away on the 13th it took all of the family by surprise now I am trying to make sense of it but my heart is so broken I just cant seem to get out of the fog I'm in I don't know how to get on with my life I miss her so much she was such a sweet girl.

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Feb 11

thank you brooklynn

Theloved's picture
Feb 11

So deeply sorry for your loss! For all who loved this beautiful soul. Welcome. We dare and are glad you are here!

Feb 12

I don't know how long it will take to get over this grief I cant think straight she was so sick but kept telling us she did not want to die and their was nothing we could do for her and to see the sorrow on my daughters face what can I do to make it better for her I cant fix any thing I am a person that always helps people in need and now I cant even help my own I don't know what to do or say any more like I said I really feel lost.


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