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4 months..... itll be 4 months he's gone soon. my mournin

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4 months..... itll be 4 months he's gone soon.

my mourning process is tricky. This is the first time someone has ACTUALLY died who was so close to my life and we even have awesome memories together... and that's all they are now... things that happened before and now they won't happen again.

I keep finding myself looking up and the sky, and looking for signs that he's there... but I cant hear or see him. it's very sad to look up to the night sky and not hear a voice...

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Dec 7

I'm truly sorry for your loss. Death is a very complicated thing for most of us. The grieving can feel unbearable. I have suffered a tragic loss this year as well and there are days that the pain and fear are worse than others. I have heard many share that grief counseling has helped them. Have you considered this? I am praying for you during the holidays.

Dec 8

You may get other signs too. Like finding a penny, or hearing a particular song on the radio, tv, or in a movie. Hugs to you!

Dec 9

I express my sincere condolences to you over your loss. I too have suffered the loss of those I have
loved and it does take its emotional toll on a person but there is something you said in your comment that was important. We would like to know where our loved ones are when they die and is it possible to see them again. There is an answer I find that satisfies those questions and its in God's word the Bible. In the book of John, chapter 11 there is the story of Jesus and his close friend Lazarus who had just died.
It's interesting that Jesus refered to Lazarus as " sleeping " in verse 11 and that Jesus was traveling there to " Awaken him ". Jesus disciples thought Lazarus was sick and resting in sleep but then Jesus told them that Lazarus had died. So Its good to think of death as a temporary sleep till the day comes when Jesus will resurrect our loved ones. In that same chapter notice that Lazarus' sister Martha even mentioned that she believed her brother would come back to life " in the resurrection in the last day " !
Yes there will come a time when we will see , talk to and hold the ones we love forever ! Jesus himself said at John chapter 5 verse 28 and 29 " Do not be amazed at this , for the hour is coming when all those in the graves will hear His voice and come out ". Jesus always spoke the truth and while this may seen like a dream now, there were 9 resurrections listed in the scriptures to give us confidence that God can conquer even death ! So I hope you will be comforted by close family and friends during this difficult time in your life and I hope that maybe these thoughts will bring you some consolation.

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