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My husband killed himself on Oct. 10th. I’m struggling. Wi

My husband killed himself on Oct. 10th. I’m struggling. With everything.

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Nov 5

@suzanrene I'm sorry. Poor choice of words. I didn't mean that he put you in this situation on purpose. I was talking about the fact that he didn't get his affairs in order. He apparently was in distress so he probably wasn't able to think through taking care of quite a bit of stuff like will, property transfers, etc.

Error101's picture
Nov 8

Im sorry for your lost. It's not your fault. You shouldn't blame yourself. We can talk about "red flags", how we should have known, or the guilt of not doing enough. In the end, he couldn't save himself. If he was on SG, maybe he would have been alive for a bit longer. However their is no such guarantee.

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Nov 13

@suzanrene Good morning. How are you feeling?


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