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It's been a while since I last posted here. I lost my boyfri

It's been a while since I last posted here. I lost my boyfriend last year and his one year death anniversary is approaching and it's driving me crazy. I can hardly pick myself up and every tiny task feels like a giant challenge even though it's been so many months and I really was trying to get better and move on.... seeing how I don't get better at all is making me depressed and like I don't see any point in trying anymore. what if it's gonna be like this for ever

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Feb 15

@mal-ia. I am sorry I know its tough i have a form of Autism/Aspergers and struggle socially sometimes with meeting the right people to hang out with but its gotten better i been in threapy for almost 7 years and its helped me a lot through college through bad break up's and such i am so glad that i have a good therapist i know their hard to come by.

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Feb 15

Mal-ia I'm very sorry to hear you lost your boy friend. You must have loved him very much. A year is not a long time to get over a loved one dyeing, especially a partner. I've been listening to Ted Talks lately and would like to share the names of a couple of them with you. Nora McLnerny's husband died of cancer. She was a fairly young woman who since has remarried. Her Ted Talk is "You Don't Move on from Grief." Another lady Lucy Hone lost her 12 year old daughter in an automobile crash along with her daughter's friend and the friend's mother. Her talk is "Three Secrets of Resilient People." Her message and suggestions are simple, but doable. I think both put things in better perspective especially if you've lost someone. Google Ted Talks and each title if you care to listen. Also, one of my best friends lost her husband of 50 years. She said she walked around in a daze until her kids got her to go to a grief counseling group program which helped her immensely.

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Mar 9

@mal-ia. Everyone grieves differently. A year may seem like a long time for other things but when you're going through the stages of grief, it isn't that long. The fact that you are getting up and performing tasks is a monumental achievement. Keep going and don't give up. My friend said that losing a loved one is like having a hole in your heart. Nothing can fill that hole but the person you lost. We don't really move on but we learn to cope with our loss. Try not to compare yourself from day to day but from month. I'm pretty sure you will progress. Compare how you were the first week after he died to yourself today. Definitely, progress, right? This feeling will not last forever. Almighty God is the source of life. (Psalm 36:9) You would probably agree that it is reasonable that the same God could restore life to those who have died. Our Creator intended for humans to live forever on earth and His will for us has not changed. The Bible assures us that he will bring our dead loved ones back to the earth to be with us. Please read Acts 24:15 and Hebrews 6:18 so that you can see the promise for yourself. I'm here for you.

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