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This is the first lesbian relationship I've ever been in tog

This is the first lesbian relationship I've ever been in together for 3 years and because she is my first she continues to believe that I'm going to always go back to a man people that I thought were my friends have set and told her lies about me and now she believes
The lies and she wants to be done with me I'm in love with her and I know she loves me but she scared that I'm going to do her wrong and I never have I don't want to lose her I love her with all my heart what she tells me today is she's done it's over it could never be the same because she chooses to believe the lies even when I prove to her I'm not lying I just don't know where to go from here and I'm desperate for some answers for some help, lost in love

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Jun 12

I am very sorry. maybe its not too late here.


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