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so I'm new to this I am a bisexual male 32 I am happily mar

so I'm new to this I am a bisexual male 32 I am happily married to my wife but I have to keep a secret that I'm bisexual so I don't hurt her and I would not want never want to hurt her but at the same times it's hurting me that I can't be who I am I am I'm a very conservative area I am I am a conservative but I am also

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Nov 14

@Loveovercomes you are right i am very active in my ommunity. I so love people and i want whats best for people. This has been tearing me up for a long long time since i was in middle school now i am 32.

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Nov 15

@Jford387 I hear ya, I'm 31 now and I just came out to everyone a couple years ago. I knew I was gay at age 11 and from that point on that secret ran my life. Everything I did, I did to hide my sexuality. Every little detail was formulated around that. The problem is... I lost myself. Completely lost myself. The greatest gift that I ever gave myself was coming out. It was terribly hard because I had a "straight" life up to that point and that meant that finally putting myself first meant breaking the hearts of people I loved. It meant facing the judgement, facing the fear I've lived with since I was 11, facing my faith (which was EXTREMELY hard). But I was to the point where I couldn't continue to die inside, I kinda envy you a little because you coming out wouldn't mean (at least from what you've said) that you have to break the hearts of the people that love you. It doesn't make it any easier for you, I get that. Hopefully this site can help you ease some of the pain you feel inside for a little while and buy you some time to figure it out :-) I'm here for you any time you need. If you want to talk privately I would love to just support me, and I'll do the same.

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Nov 15

I know that keeping stuff inside tears me up inside too. It makes me feel crazy. Since you don't want to tell your wife because you fear it would hurt her, yet you're feeling torn up inside from keeping this secret, would it help at all to let some of it out by saying on this site what you would like to say to her if you knew she would respond only supportively?


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