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So, I am in a country where being gay is illegal. I am not s

So, I am in a country where being gay is illegal. I am not struggling with self stigmatization. I'm struggling with luck of a support system. I came out about a month ago. My friends were okay with it but my family was against it. Nearly kicked me out but my dad supported me. Two weeks later , my dad who was the only one looking out for me is in hospital. And no one will help me clear his bill because he chose to support me when everyone else turned their back on me. Now i don't know what to do ? His medical bill is piling on me and no one seems to have a change of heart? Should i just say that i'm not gay so that they help or should i stand firm with this and just continue fundraising?

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Jun 29

I really wannna help my dad but i dont think i can lie to people and say that im not a lesbian

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Jun 29

@JarvisAlpha It sounds like he wouldn't want that for you either. I know the pull of feeling like I'm saving other people by hiding... Your situation is all to real in that regards. It sounds like the price you would be paying would be far more than any amount of money it would gain. I think if you asked your father he would say the same thing.

My opinion, and that's only that, an opinion. Don't put yourself back in the "prison" of secrecy... You deserve much much more :-)

Jun 30

@Loveovercomes Thanks so much. I hope it all works out coz if they don't come around i don't think he'll get the surgery. I asked him and he told me that he'd rather die than see me pretend to be someone i'm not.


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