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It is hard to let some one into your live, if they don't wan

It is hard to let some one into your live, if they don't want to accept a big part of your life. Yes, my folks love me, but don't want to hear anything about me being gay. So how can I let them in when I have to keep a big part of my life away from them? Yes, being gay is not all I am, but if you take that out, what do you talk about? Friends, lovers, movies and even music gets excluded. Feelings are off the table. How do you build a relationship then?

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Sep 14

What evidence or proof do you have that your mom and/or dad don't want to hear about your relationships? Do they change the subject, do they just cut you off and tell you directly, I don't want to hear about that, etc? I'm just trying to determine if they are just waiting for you to bring it up because they are uncomfortable bringing it up themselves. If they really choose not to involve themselves in that part of your life, that would be sad but at some point, you just have to live your life and surround yourself with people who care about you, and accepts you for who you are. Maybe one day, your parents will come around.

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Sep 15

My mom makes gagging noises, and put her finger down her throat. She always did it when he was alive and we dared to show affection to each other. She don't do this with her girls & their husbands. As for coming around, she had almost 30 years.

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Sep 16

I remember, it was in 2015. I was standing alone in my kitchen at night, with the lights turned of in the house. And I just broke down, sobbing uncontrollably. I think something broke in me that night. Since that night I found no pleasure in living. I have been living in a state of denial since then.


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