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I'm nineteen years old, and I recently came out to my mum as

I'm nineteen years old, and I recently came out to my mum as gay, and she went on about all the girls that I've dated, and refused to believe that I was gay. She keeps saying that she hopes that I find a nice girl, and keeps disregarding my feelings. But at times, she says that she will learn to be okay with it, and that she loves me no matter what. This kinda made me get very confused, and soon after my boyfriend broke up with me, because of my trust issues. Ever since(its been a couple of months), I just don;t feel like talking to people, or ever leaving my room :/

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Oct 9

Oh no! You can't allow your mother's doubts to cloud your own!

Oct 11

are you located in the U.K. i'm a yank from new york city. try Recovery International. Free meetings are both online and in churches and the like. go to like 7 before you decide whether or not they are for you. volunteer at some gay center, if location allows it. perfectionism is a hope, a dream, and an illusion. you cannot control the outer enviroment but you can control you own inner enviroment via even endorsing yourself for the mere act of getting out of bed in the mornin, Kris!! This nun i know was having problems with depression and she trained herself to developed this immense sense of humor. Get out of your room, go to school, and volunteer to help gays or refugees, and the like. temper is a luxury that you cannot afford. sense of humor is your best friend. at least your mums loves ya' and you have your youth. you're looking for and demanding utter perfection in your life. perfectionism is but a hope, a dream, and an utter illusion. write a book, a mere page a day, or poetry, even, and sell it. plan, decide, and act with each challenging situation. you will feel better as long as you don't attach danger to discomfort and in accordance to the amount of discomfort that you're willing to tolerate. it's distressing, but not dangerous, at times. make decisions when choppy seas come up, and stick with them, or at least decide not to decide, as this beats duality. i'm there if you need me, bloke!

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