I think I'm gay. I also think I deserve happiness. I have to

I think I'm gay. I also think I deserve happiness. I have to stop lying to myself. If I'm going to give myself my best chance I have to realize that this is who I am and I'm that way for a reason. The people around me have no idea who I am and honestly I don't either. But I deserve to find out and you do too. God bless you all.

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North45's picture
Jun 17

Your happiness is the most important thing. And the step you take now to attain it will always be the best one you will ever take in your life. Your future self will definitely thank you.Xo

Jun 18

the greatest lesson i ever learned in life is that you have to be true to who you are. the only person on this entire planet that can make you truly happy is you.we can tear our selves down faster than any bully ever will. so listen to you instincts and just be who you are,

CKBlossom's picture
Jun 19

@Tris13, yes you do deserve to find out and discover happiness!


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