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Anyone here that considered themselves straight at one point

Anyone here that considered themselves straight at one point and dated the opposite sex? What do you consider yourself now? What made you realize you weren’t straight?

Loveovercomes's picture
Jun 11

I didn't consider myself straight, I knew I wasn't but I didn't want to be gay... I hated that I was while I was growing up so I made myself do "straight things" in order to change... didn't work... Now I'm out and free of that prison I put myself in.

IMOKRU's picture
Jun 12

The prison that society and especially the religious right put us in. I don' think you can hold a 13 year old responsible for being brainwashed into thinking they are horrible because they are gay. My own mother said back in the 80s that AIDS was god's clearinghouse. Even rank and file religious people were very public in stating that Fags deserved to die, and Reagan helped lead the nation to sit back and watch 100s of thousands die. Now we have a president that also supports hate. It was never a choice to be gay, contrary to all the crap we hear from people like my dad that it's a lifestyle we choose. I was initially married to a women because that's the box I was forced into. So short answer, we were never straight, only in a straight jacket. There are still lots of haters in the USA and around the world who have been brainwashed by their leaders who are elected and supported by the religious right. Now that these guttural haters have lost that battle they are going after Women and their right to choose what's right for their own life bodies. The religious right is a cancer and we must unite against it by supporting absolute separation of church and state. If you're in the closet come out! How's that for a touchstone answer?

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_DepressedRose_'s picture
Jun 14

Yes and honestly I still do this to try to convince myself that I’m straight. For some reason, I accept the lgbtq+ community and people but I don’t accept myself because I’m gay. It’s rather toxic as you can imagine but I knew I was gay when I realized I could never have sex with the opposite sex because it always grossed me out mainly plus with experience of dating men. When it was my first time dating a girl, I was much more happy and it felt like a natural real love too so you know. Hope that helped.


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