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I’m feeling so lo lonely. I have expressed this to my part

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I’m feeling so lo lonely. I have expressed this to my partner and she doesn’t seem to be able to help the situation. I don’t feel I have a support system at all here. I’m 300 miles away from my support system. We’re planning on getting married sometime soon but all of this plus a few other things have me very worried. I’m afraid to discuss my concerns with my fiancé. I’m afraid I’ll lose the kids. They are not legally mine and I love them with my whole heart. I love my fiancé too. I’m just scared to talk to her about stuff. If she knew I wrote this, she’d get angry and say “I cannot fix it if I don’t know anything is wrong,” She would be right about that. She does know I feel like I’m in trouble with her all the time and I never fought like this in my previous relationship. The last relationship was not good but we didn’t argue much at all. I’m feeling controlled and trapped. Trapped is something I have more done to myself. I do feel I’m being controlled. I have let it happen and I’m not sure how to get it back. I have to go. She just came in and the baby is waking up.

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Nov 8

The first thing that bothers me in this is that you are not comfortable enough to talk to the person you love, this should be the base of any kind of relationship. Who do you feel that controls you? And if something similar happened to you before, and you seem to be realizing the same patterns, why are you letting it happen again?

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Nov 21

Every time I try and talk about stuff it blows up. She says I’m blaming her for everything and I never take any of the blame. I know we’re both at fault. I buckle under pressure and don’t argue well. She said the way I turn things around tells her I know how to fight. I just don’t want to lose these kids. They are my everything.

Nov 22

One or both of you are gaslighting. This must quit then all will be well again.


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