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Just thinking out loud... I wish I had a loving partner by

Just thinking out loud...
I wish I had a loving partner by my side to go thru life with, hold my hand, hold me... she would understand abuse and how devastating it is becuz she too has been thru it. She would be so loving, understanding and accepting of everything about me and open her arms for me to cry on her shoulder.
I've never had this and have come closer to accepting that maybe I'm just meant to be alone in life. It hurts me like hell when it seems every else can have sum1... but not me.

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LovePeace's picture
Feb 14, 2017

Hello *waving*

Feb 14, 2017

hey life's work.. thanks for the wave! :) brought a smile!

C.Blue's picture
Feb 17, 2017

Yeah, feels like that everytime I see the rare open lesbian couple. (Always out of town, because someone would be burned at a stake for that in my town). Wish I could hug you for real, but here ya go. *hugs*


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