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I lost the love of my life two months ago. we were together

I lost the love of my life two months ago. we were together for over twenty years,we were around each other 24 - 7 HOME BOUND. Her death came in her sleep out of no where,and she was only 55 years old.She was the most loving woman i have ever meet. I am having nightmares ever night because i am the one that woke up and found her dead next to me it was the wost thing ever!!!! Some nights i don't sleep! I am 51 years old and now i'm all alone no friends & no spouse. she was both to me , i miss her so much there are not words for how i really feel. I am home bound and very alone ! This is my very first time online.

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Oct 14

@littlestarsmum Thank you for your prayers, can use all the help i can get.

LollyNews's picture
Oct 14

@shellyij Hi there. I am alone too. I’ve thought the same thing as you as far as matching people up because there’s so many people alone that don’t want to be. And that’s why I love this site. It kind of does that in a way. You find people you relate to. Read stories you relate to. So glad you reached out.

Oct 15

@LollyNews Great idea, and thank you. Sorry your alone.


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