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I am the wife of a compulsive gambler. My husband and I have

I am the wife of a compulsive gambler. My husband and I have been together for 15 years his gambling has been on going for the last ten. He is my best friend and the only thing we fight about is his gambling it’s gotten so bad as of recent that he’s decided the only way for him to stop is to leave and feel like he’s lost everything. I’m at a loss we have three children ages 13 to 5. I’m just trying to better understand so I can help him. Any advice would truly help

Nov 8

Take care of yourself and the children first. It's good that he is acknowledging his problem. Take immediate action to control the household finances. Put all bank accounts in your name only so that he cannot withdraw funds. Do not let him have ATM or credit cards. Have all employment earnngs go directly deposited into the bank account. Give him a weekly allowance for lunch. Gas up his car once a week. Go with him to gamblers annonymous meetings. He's lucky he has your support.

Nov 8

@2ndchances I’ve done that and it’s been that way for years. His big problem is betting and unfortunately you don’t have to have that money up front. I just feel lost right now I guess. I’ve been thinking of going to meetings by myself if he won’t go with me at least I can educate myself on how to handle things better


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