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hello, I am new here. I am not a gambler. My husband is. I a

hello, I am new here. I am not a gambler. My husband is. I am over 50 and have been married to the same man for a very long time. since I was 18. the gambling has been a problem off and on for many years.
he is disabled and I am full time employed. my income takes care of us.
he feels he does not have to contribute to the household because he needs his money to make money....yes gamble. he like ponies and the casino.
Well he withdrew $800 from my account without mentioning to me at all. I don't know if he will give back to me or not.
I have gotten when I don't believe him when he says he has it and will give it v

Manic Maelstrom's picture
Aug 8, 2017

Welcome! I'm glad you're here with us. My ex from years ago was a gambler. I thin it's a safe bet that you'll never see that money. Is there any way you can cut him off from access to money. It's yours, after all. He probably won't like it very much, but he can't gamble it away if he can't get to it.

Sep 21

Hi I know its not easy as for years I have put my wife through the exact same thing, although he won't like it you need to change your online banking details and your card pin numbers and I know over time he will try to get them off you but you have to persist, too many times I convinced my wife to ive me them and I wouldnt gamble again. I can tell you that he probably does not mean to hurt you by gambling and he probably always has the intention of paying you back although it will never happen. Cutting access stops the problem but not the cause, you need to find out the reason for it, if its boredom try and get a hobby, or something else that exits him.


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